Radical Kids Coloring Book

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Detroit’s 1967 Rebellion, ¡MIRA!* called on Detroiters to submit images for a radical kids’ coloring book. The book features drawings that demonstrate struggle –historic and present– and radical futurism to spark kids’ imaginations and re-center justice narratives.

In the age of Trump, we gotta double down on efforts that lift up images of hype Black Brown Queer Left Crip Hijabee Native Folk living amazing and magical lives to decolonize, demilitarize, and decriminalize our bodies, communities, and Earth. What are we when we are thriving? What are we when we are radiant and whole? What does radical love look like? We celebrate real people and ancestors waging fierce grassroots organizing struggles here in the city.

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Email miradetroit@gmail.com for more information or order a copy online.


Illustration submitted by Angie Coe, based in Detroit’s Ocelot Print Shop.

*¡MIRA! is a radical women’s art collective based in Southwest Detroit.